Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tops Towel Points: How in the world are these calculated?!

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Do you look at your Tops receipts and wonder just how those Towel points are calculated??  I mean, the way it works is that you earn 1 Towel point for every $10 you spend.  However, if you take a look at 4 of my recent receipts you will see that this calculation doesn't seem all that simple.

My first receipt retailed $50.64, I paid $16.88 and I received 3 Towel Points.

The second receipt retailed $38.75, I paid $21.79 and I received 3 Towel Points.

The third receipt retailed $76.37, I paid $23.66 and I received 3 Towel Points. Seems like no matter how much I spend I am destined to receive 3 Towel points!

Finally, the last receipt retailed $41.51, I paid $24.99 and I received 0 Towel Points!

So to sum up the receipts:
#1 retail $50.64, paid $16.88, received 3 towel points
#2 retail $38.75, paid $21.79, received 3 towel points
#3 retail $76.37, paid $23.66, received 3 towel points
#4 retail $41.51, paid $24.99, received 0 towel points

Now let's look again at receipt #1.  I received 3 towel points but just how since I only spent $16??  And if it is based on retail I should have received 5 points. 

First off, towel points are not based on the retail price because that is more than you pay out of pocket.  It is based on this simple formula:  Pre-tax total (or "Total after savings" found in the circled area below) + manufacturer coupons (found in the rectangular area below) + Doubled Coupons (also found in the rectangular area).  Add those three things up and you get $30.26.  Since you receive 1 Towel Point for every $10 you spend, this order gives 3 points. 

Receipt #2:  $21.40 + $9.25 + $3.23 = $33.88, which gives me 3 Towel points. 
Receipt #3:  $23.00 + $9.10 + $5.10 = $37.20, which gives me 3 Towel points.  Note, Towel points are not cumulative like the Gas Points.  So that extra $7.20 I spent above $30 doesn't go toward any future towel points. 

You can also see in the rectangular area that I redeemed for a set of FREE towels on this order (the $29.99 under "Extra Rewards Savings").  Redeeming these towels did not impact my formula, which means you do not receive towel points on the free towels.  Since you aren't actually spending any money on the towels, this makes sense.

Also, you can see in the triangular area that my gas points on this order was 137 (100 bonus for redeeming 10 coupons and 37 from the formula total) so you do not earn gas points on the free towels either.

Finally, there of course is an exception!  Whenever you purchase gift cards, alcohol or pay bottle deposit, you do not earn any towel points on that expense.  In this order I had $25 worth of gift cards (which I paid less out of pocket so I had overage somewhere).  Subtracting the $25 worth of gift cards essentially makes the "Total after savings" $0.  My manufacturer coupons in the rectangle are $9.00.  And that put me $1.00 short from getting my towel point.  :-(

It was interesting for me to figure this out and discover that the doubling value of manufacturers' coupons is included in the towel points calculation. Since other store discounts are not, I was surprised by this. It makes sense for the manufacturers' coupons themselves to be included in the calculation because those are a form of payment that the store will be reimbursed for.

Well hopefully this helps to clarify how to calculate your Towel points.  Just remember this:  (Total after savings + manufacturer coupons + Doubled Coupons) divided by $10.  Exceptions are to exclude gift card purchases, alcohol, and bottle deposit.

Happy Collecting! 


  1. Thank you! I was curious! I don't know if you've blogged about this before, but I also can never figure out if my click-to-card coupons are actually being deducted from my total. Yesterday my cashier told me I couldn't use my Pillsbury paper mfg. coupons because I had click-to-card coupons (which was true). HOWEVER, when I got home and looked at my receipt, I didn't see those click-to-card values deducted. I'm stumped!

    1. Most Click-to-Card coupons are manufacturer coupons, so you cannot use them in addition to another paper manufacturer's coupon. Without knowing exactly which Click-to-Card ecoupon you had activated and were trying to redeem for it is hard for me to say why it wasn't deducted from your receipt. If you feel you redeemed for the correct quantity & size, you should take your receipt to customer service where they can credit you the money back. There are a few Click-to-Card coupons that are Tops store coupons. These can be used in addition to paper manufacturer coupons and are called "eBonus Savers". Usually you can find the store eBonus Savers here: http://www.topsmarkets.com/clicktocard/. All others are manufacturer coupons that cannot be used with other manufacturer coupons. I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.


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