Saturday, July 16, 2016

Butterfly Wall Decals: Only $1.19 shipped FREE!!

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Recently I purchased these 3D Butterfly Wall Decals (in Purple) for just $1.19 shipped FREE and when I received them I was really impressed with the quality!  The butterfly wings are not a cheap & flimsy cardstock but a nice, sturdy vinyl material.  When I received the butterflies they were flat but just a little pinch and the wings bent upwards giving a 3-D effect!

Each set is a random assortment of TWELVE (12) purple butterflies ranging in size small, medium, and large (although not scary large).  My only complaint is the sticky tabs that come with the set are not very great - some of my butterflies kept falling off the wall after a day.  However I used a tiny bit of sticky tack and it worked absolute wonders!  Also, after reading the reviews online, I found out that the butterflies themselves already have a magnet attached to the body!!  It is very subtle so I would never have known had I not read the reviews.  Now, using the magnet, I have some of these beautifully adorning my fridge!  I really LOVE these and highly recommend them, especially at this price!!  They would also be super cute in a girl's bedroom or at the office (since they are magnets they would look great on a filing cabinet!).

There are many different varieties and sellers of similar butterfly wall decals.  This is the one I purchased:

3D Butterfly Wall Decals (in Purple) - currently just $1.19 shipped FREE (no additional purchase required!)

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