Friday, August 12, 2016

How Pokemon Go is Helping People Exercise

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If you have not yet heard, the Pokemon Go mobile app is taking the world by storm. As players from all over try to “catch ‘em all”, they are getting out of their homes, out of their cars, out of their offices and walking around all over. It’s no surprise, really, that some people are also reporting having lost weight from Pokemon Go.

So how does a gaming app help you burn calories? The simplest answer is that it’s getting people to move. They are walking around exploring neighborhoods, museums, parks. In some cases, people are even jogging or running. It’s getting people active and this is always, always a good thing.

The basic premise behind Pokemon Go is to catch Pokemon that randomly spawn in the world around you. This means people are burning calories as they run or walk around looking to capture these Pokemon. However, there is another element to the game that’s causing a lot of people to walk more than they normally would.

Hatching eggs.

The game has a feature where you can hatch eggs that contain new Pokemon by walking. There are 2 kilometer eggs, 5 kilometer eggs, and 10 kilometer eggs. The latter has the option for rarer Pokemon to be found inside. People are now getting up and moving more than ever before as they try to find those Pokemon and hatch those eggs.

Could all this walking help you lose weight?

It all depends.

A 200-pound person can burn close to 200 calories from a 30-minute brisk walk. If you are eating a healthy diet and also walking regularly, you can lose a pound a week. If you have more weight to lose and you’ve previously been very sedentary, you could lose even more when you first start being more active.

It can also help you to maintain a healthy weight. The game will give you motivation to exercise and keep your muscles active. It’s so easy that nearly anyone can do it and you can choose how much you walk at a time, and for how far. Pokemon Go makes it more fun to get out and exercise and when you add the addictive fun factor, it’s clearly a hit.

There have been people who said it’s helped them lose weight, connect with their children, and even help battle anxiety. This is an exciting contrast to the fact that most games are created as solitary activities that keep you sitting for long hours at a time.

With all this in mind, it’s easy to see how Pokemon Go is helping people move and explore more. Have you succumbed to the popularity of Pokemon Go yet?

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