Friday, August 19, 2016

How To Print Coupons On Your Mobile Device (and Create A Shortcut)

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Did you know that you can get coupon prints by using your mobile device and wireless printer? It is a great way to get extra prints in addition to those you can receive from your desktop or laptop computer!  Plus you won't need to download any apps or software - simply print from the web browser on your phone.

Here's how to create a shortcut icon on your mobile device (phone or tablet) so that you can easily access the printable coupons currently available.  I check for new coupons daily so I like having this shortcut on my phone and tablet!

How to Create a Short Cut on Your Mobile Device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)

1.  From your mobile device, click this link to open the printable coupon page.  Note this is on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.  I'm currently trying to figure out how to create the shortcut on an Android device and will update when I know.
2.  Click the square with up arrow icon toward the bottom of your screen (see picture below).

 3.  A box will pop up giving you some options.  Click the "Add to Home Screen" icon as shown in the picture.

4.  Next change the title in the first line from "WNY Deals and To-Dos:" to "Print Coupons" (or whatever you would like to call the icon).  Then confirm by pressing the "Add" link shown in blue in the right hand corner.

5.  You now have a shortcut where you can easily access and print coupons!!

*TIP* You can also create a shortcut like this to access our website so that you can check for the deals and to-dos we post daily!

How to Print Coupons From Your Mobile Device

1.  From your mobile device click the Print Coupons icon you created in the steps above.
2.  Scroll through the available coupons and simply tap any that you would like to print.
3.  Click the green "Print Coupons" button at the top right.
4.  You will see a pop up asking you if the device is connected to a printer.  Make sure your mobile device and wireless printer are hooked up on the same Wi-Fi network.  Also be sure your wireless printer is turned on.  Your mobile device will not detect the printer if it is off.

5.  Once you click "Yes" you will see a Printer Options screen.  Click "Select Printer" and your device will automatically look for any printer connected to your network.  Choose your printer and then click "Print" in the upper right.  Important Note:  You should NEVER increase the number of copies on this screen, even though you have the ability to do so.  If you do print more than one, each coupon printed will have the same unique id on it. This is the same as photocopying, which is illegal.


6.  Enjoy your extra printable coupons!!  Note that you might be able to download the app and/or Grocery IQ app and get 2 more prints from EACH of those!  I'm not able to sync my printer to those apps for some reason (yet I can print via a web browser).

Here are some wireless printers good for printing on your Android or iPhone device:


Hewlett Packard (HP):



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