Saturday, August 20, 2016

How To Request A Refund If You Still Haven't Received Your Emoji Pillows and/or Lunch Tote

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Unfortunately yet again I have to make a post about requesting a refund on some products I promoted on my blog well over a month ago now.  If you ordered any of these items at the time I posted on them, they are probably past arrival date (and not coming at all).  One of the sellers actually no longer sells on Amazon, so you should have no trouble getting your refund.

Emoji Pillows Deal Originally Posted Here
Lunch Tote Deal Originally Posted Here

How to Request Your Refund:
1.  Go here and log into your Amazon account.  You should be taken to your order history page.
2.  Scroll through your orders to find the products you did not yet receive.  Check the "Expected by" date shown for the order.  If it has passed that time frame, file a claim.

3.  Click the "File/View Claim" Button to the right of your order and fill out the form.  You should receive a refund pretty quickly and you can check on the status of the claim by clicking this same button.  Amazon will also email you when the refund has been issued.

Once again I am really sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.  I try so hard to post good deals but also legitimate ones.  I hate when things do not pan out as I post on this blog, however, I sometimes make mistakes trusting the wrong company.  I hope to only gain trust from my readers and if something doesn't work out I want to be sure that I can provide info like this to help make it right.  The last thing I ever want is to have any one of you lose your money!

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