Friday, September 16, 2016

I'm Cuckoo for Coupons (Are You Seeing Regional Coupons too??)

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OK, so this started last night for me and I thought I was going cuckoo, but these coupons sure enough printed out just fine when I checked my printer.  I'm not sure why I am seeing regional coupons when I go through the various links listed below, but I do and I'm hoping you all see some good ones too!  Unfortunately I don't have direct links to these coupons and you may or may not see the same ones.  Scroll through to browse each of the links below, then be sure to come back to let me know if you did get anything good! Note these links might have coupons already pre-clipped that you may or many not want, so be sure to uncheck any that you do not want to print.

First link with different regional coupons (I spotted Harvest Stone, Main St. Bistro, Reser's, Butterball, El Monterey BBQ Burritos, $1/2 Uncle Bens Ready Rice (better than the $1/4), Belvita, etc.)

Second link with different regional coupons (coupons I seen under this link are Reser's, Newman's Own, Holland House, Elmhurst Harvest, Herdez, Chips Ahoy!, Belvita, Ritz, Stride Gum, Good Thins crackers,World Harbors Marinades, Oreo Thins, etc.)

Third link with different regional coupons (coupons spotted here are Palermo's Pizza, Main St. Bistro, Butterball, Evolution Fresh, Minute Maid Sparkling, etc.)


  1. lynne sherrick9/16/16, 11:40 AM

    I`m in PA. First link no, Second link no, Third link yes

    1. Thanks for letting me know - sorry you didn't see anything in the first 2 links.

    2. Nancy K (Cheektowaga)9/16/16, 9:56 PM

      I see nothing special on any of them. In fact, the url changed to when I clicked on them.

    3. I'm actually no longer seeing them either. I think they fixed whatever was going on. I did get quite a few good prints though, so I'm happy! Sorry you didn't see anything.


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