Thursday, October 27, 2016

Toys R Us/Babies R Us: FREE $25 Gift Card with a $100+ Purchase (thru 11/5)

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Planning to spend at least $100 or more at Toys R Us/Babies R Us in the near future?  Be sure you print out this coupon here to get a $25 Gift Card FREE with your purchase!


  1. Could this be used in conjunction with the Tops deal? Spend over $50 and get a "gift point," Use the gift point to buy a $50 Toys R Us gift card for $40, then when you have two of those, use the Toys R Us coupon and the two gift cards to get the $25 gift card. Ending with an out of pocket expense of $80 for $125 worth?

    1. Once you have the 2 gift cards from Tops ($100 worth) you would spend it just like cash at Toys R Us. So yes you could do this since they are two separate store promotions. The TRU coupon ends today though. Great idea!!


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