Monday, January 30, 2017

Consumers Beverage: *HOT* FREE Smirnoff Spiked Seltzers with cash back!!

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UPDATE:  If planning to do more than one rebate, be sure you send each one separately in its own envelope.  (Thank you to the reader who posted this in the comments!) 

Also, this is the same rebate that I posted on in December, so keep in mind the maximum submissions including any that you did last year.

Here's the deal at Consumer's Beverage:

Smirnoff Spiked Sparkling Seltzers 12 Pack - $13.99
Pay $13.99
Submit for $10.00 mail-in rebate (limit of 4!, ask for this at Consumers if they do not find a peelie on the product, they have the rebates on hand too)
Submit for $3.00 cash back through Ibotta
Submit for $1.00 cash back on any 12 pack through bevRAGE (another cash back app specifically for alcohol)
= as low as FREE!!

Note for the Tops Markets shoppers, I have seen the $10 rebate peelies in stores however the price last I checked was $15.99.  So the deal would be super cheap there but not free.  😊


  1. Just a heads up the rebates have to be sent individually if you're gonna max out at 4. Separate forms and envelopes/stamps. I made that mistake last year but was granted a one time get out of jail free pass.

    1. Oh, thank you for that info!

    2. Is that rebate the same one from last year? If you have done the one from last year are we eligible for this one as well?

    3. Yes Mariya it is the same one. I think it expires in February sometime so I was just reposting the deal. I will make a note in the post. :-)

  2. just a note - at consumers last year I bought some hard root beer - it was already expired - and they would not let it be returned - some state law - I called the company that made the root beer to tell them consumers was selling old product - beware


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