Sunday, March 26, 2017 Save 20% on Household Items (= Stock up on Napkins, Bath Tissue, and more!)

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Currently you can save 20% on Household items over at with promo code MARCHSTOCKUP (thru 4/2) or HHSTOCKUP20 (thru 4/26)! Plus new customers to Jet can save an additional 15% on their order with promo code TRIPLE15!  This makes for some really great deals on household items.

I really need napkins so I came up with this STOCK UP deal idea, making each napkin less than $0.01!

Step 1:

Head over here to see the household items that qualify for the sale.

Step 2:

Add (3) Seventh Generation Napkins, 250 ct. to your cart (seems like the maximum number you can add).
UPDATE:  The Seventh Generation napkins seem to have doubled in price since I wrote up this deal so if you'd like to get your price closer to what I paid for 13 packs the 250 ct. Mardi Gras Napkins are a good substitute.  It only qualifies for the TRIPLE15 promo but makes the deal a bit cheaper.

Add (10) Bounty Quilted Napkins, 220 ct. to your cart (seems like the maximum number you can add).

Step 3:

Click View Cart in the bottom right corner, then use promo code TRIPLE15 (will deduct 15%).  You will need to create a new account in order for this discount to work.

Step 4:

Then use promo code MARCHSTOCKUP for another 20% off (thru 4/2) or HHSTOCKUP20 (thru 4/26).

Your total will be $24.60 + tax shipped FREE!  That's just $1.89 per package of 220 to 250 ct. napkins!


  1. Starting Subtotal$40.97
    Extra Savings-$0.27
    Shipping Fee$0.00
    Estimated Tax$2.32
    Order Total$31.80

    Some how I am still not getting the same deal as you posted feeling bummed!! :(

    1. This is the deal I'm getting now too. Sorry - the prices must have gone up. I remember the Seventh Generation napkins being closer to $2. You can play around with the deal and get it lower. For example, the 250 ct. Mardi Gras napkins are under $2 and so you could add 3 packs of those. They only qualify for the TRIPLE15 discount, but still makes a great deal!

  2. 3 Seventh Generation Lunch Napkins, White, 250 Ct @ $3.60 ea.
    10 Bounty Quilted Napkins, White, 220 Ct @ $2.99 ea.
    I clicked the links for the items you shared, I would love to get a good deal on these too!!!
    Thanks for always helping us get the best deals!! :)

  3. Thank you for your help now working on a Bounty and Scott tp deal :) Wonder if I can use both codes for 2 more orders?!?
    Thanks for all you help. Also appreciate keeping up on all the New Tops deals happening today, I see my self making a last minute trip there too... lol!!

    1. Oh my gosh my head is spinning!!! I can't stop but really need to get off this thing! lol

      You can use the promo code TRIPLE15 for your first THREE orders. The other promo codes are one-time use only per account, but you should be able to get an order each of them. Hope that helps! :-)

    2. Now you got me thinking!! The Charmin 36 giant rolls = 81 reg. rolls and works out to be a fantastic deal when you buy 2 packs, plus 2 packs of the bounty napkins. Ah!!! The deals keep going!


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