Wednesday, April 05, 2017

DYI Glass Herbal Garden Jars using Chalkboard Spray Paint found on clearance

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Recently I had seen this awesome post about how to repurpose jars and make an herbal garden with them. You can check out the how-to here.  I was really excited to find Chalkboard Paint Spray on clearance at Target to do this project (note I got IDed for the spray so be sure to bring your license with you!).  The chalkboard spray paint was so easy to work with although it did start dripping down the sides so I had to wipe with a wet napkin a few times.  I then placed the jars in front of the heater vent so they would dry real quick (and they did!).

I only have 3 jars completed so far but they came out pretty nice!  You can definitely tell which was my first attempt.  😄

How about you? Have you been working on any neat Spring crafts? I love finding out how people repurpose things!!

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