Saturday, April 01, 2017

Good Deals Come In Big Purple Boxes

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I've been in such a great mood this week, for so many reasons!  Life is grand, ain't it?!

So Friday morning I was talking with my kiddos all about the tricks I hope to play on their daddy for April Fools Day.  They were giggling and trying to help me come up with ideas.  I just love hearing them laugh and starting my morning out with that...well it is enough to put me in a good mood for the rest of the day!

The first trick I told the kids I was going to do was to let daddy know that a strange number called and left a message for him.  It was from a "Mr. Lion".  Then I'd give him the number.  When he called it, the Buffalo Zoo would be on the other line.  Ha ha!  We cracked up over the thought of him asking to speak with Mr. Lion. 🦁

Then I told them I was going to make daddy an ice cream sundae using mashed potatoes and gravy. He loves mashed potatoes so he just might enjoy this trick of a "dessert".  😄

Finally I told them that I was going to safety pin each of his boxers together, so when he goes to pull one out of the drawer he will have a long string of them.  😝

I kept telling them just wait because I was going to pull a funny trick on them too!  They kept saying they wouldn't believe me no matter what.  Last year I got them good when I asked them if they wanted Brownies for dessert and this is what I gave them.  They were SO mad!

Anywho this big purple box arrived on my doorstep yesterday.  Except I don't really have a doorstep, so I should say on my driveway?!

After I picked them up from school, the kids had seen this huge purple box sitting in our garage and asked me what was in it.  I told them 13 packages of napkins.  They laughed and would not believe me for anything!  I swear it's no joke, good deals come in purple boxes!!  Original purple box deal posted on here.  😇😁

Happy April Fools Day everyone!!  Do you have any funny jokes planned on your loved ones?!  I'd love to hear about it!  Post in the comments below!

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