Tuesday, April 11, 2017

How You May Be Overspending at Dollar Stores

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Are you a dollar store shopper? While dollar stores can be a great place to save money, you may be overspending on some items. Whether it's cleaning supplies or snacks, you could be spending more than necessary on everyday items.

1. Buying Cleaning Supplies

Believe it or not, the costs of cleaning supplies in dollar stores can be more expensive than Walmart or even your grocery store. You need to keep a close watch on the prices. While it may seem like a good deal, when you look at the ounces, you may find that the price isn't that great after all. Two exceptions are when the store has a sale and/or you have a coupon. Then you may walk away with a great deal.

2. Buying Underwear and Socks

Buying everything in one store may save time, but at what cost? When you buy underwear and socks at the dollar store, you may think the price is really good. However, you're getting far fewer pairs than if you shopped at a big box store. For example, three pairs of underwear for $3 doesn't seem bad until you consider that you can get eight pairs for $6 at Walmart.

3. Buying Candy and Snacks

We all have that craving when we're out shopping and the dollar stores make the candy and snacks seem affordable. When you look at how much comes in the package though it's easy to see that the item isn't that cheap. A lot of times dollar stores lure you in by rounding out the price and making the packages smaller to make them seem more affordable. Don't fall for it.

4. Buying Linens

You never, ever want to buy sheets, towels, etc at your local dollar stores. While they seem like a great price, you'll quickly change your mind after the first washing. Some towels ravel apart, sheets peel, and wash clothes shrink up to nothing. Don't fall for those cheap prices. This is one case where if you buy cheap, you'll buy twice.

5. Buying Movies

Last, but not least, while the price of DVDs doesn't seem too bad at dollar stores many of these movies are on Netflix or other movie subscription channels. Also, you can find many of these movies at big box stores for less.

Dollar stores can be a great place to shop, but only if you pay attention to the price. Do your research and compare apples to apples so that you get the best deals and aren't overspending.

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