Sunday, April 02, 2017

My Favorite Apps to Receive Cash Back and/or Save Money + how much I have gotten back so far

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Wondering which apps can save you some money? Well these are my favorites with links on descriptions for each program.  I also provide how much I have saved for this current year (2017) as well as all-time since I have joined (when known).

My top 3 must have apps are:
1. Ibotta  Find out more by clicking here.  For this year so far I have earned $166.80 (and about to earn another $10.00!) cash back and all-time I have earned $1,692.65 (4 years).
2. Savingstar  Find out more info by clicking here.  For the first 3 months of 2017 I have earned $20.47 cash back and all-time I have earned $544.01 (5 years).
3. if you have an iPhone and compatible wireless printer (to get extra printable coupons).  All-time I have earned a priceless amount of savings.  :-)

I also like:
4. Checkout51  Find out more by clicking here.  For 2017 I have earned $21.00 cash back and all-time I have earned $236.61 (3 years).
5. Receipt Hog  Find out more by clicking here.  The amount of all-time cash back I have earned is $70.00 (2 years) and I have enough coins for another $5 payout but I'm working my way up to a higher payout.  This app requires that you simply scan your shopping receipts from pretty much any retailer and they award you coins that you use to spin the "Hog Slots". Note I did win bigger payouts twice on the "Hog Slots" (2,000 coins and 400 coins) so that helped.

It seems like a lot of apps to manage but I use them all because the offers sometimes overlap and make for a really good deal (i.e. double dip)!  Plus it really doesn't take that much time and the cash back really adds up! Note that each app is slightly different in the way you receive your savings, so be sure to read through the posts and ask me if you have any questions on these apps.

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