Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Sesame Street: *FREE* Episodes available for watch/download on Amazon

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Watch Sesame Street: Families Watch Together Series on Amazon Video for FREE!  There are 6 different episodes in the Families Watch Together Series.  Click here to purchase the episodes you are interested in for $0.

1. Talk Listen Connect: Homecomings CC TV-Y January 1, 2008 16 minutes
Talk, Listen, Connect: Deployments, Homecomings, Changes provides support and resources for military families with children aged two to five. Elmo's dad returns home from working far away, and the whole family works together to adjust.

2. Here for You: Helping Children Cope With Serious Illness CC TV-Y January 1, 2007 16 minutes
Here For You tells the story of Sesame Street's Elmo visiting his cousin Chester in the hospital as Chester is treated for a serious illness. This segment is designed to encourage children to express their feelings and concerns about their illnesses.

3. Talk, Listen, Connect: Changes CC TV-Y January 1, 2006 20 minutes
This Sesame Street program helps military families cope with deployment.

4. Talk Listen Connect: Deployments CC TV-Y January 1, 2009 25 minutes
Families discuss how they prepare for deployment.

5. You Can Ask CC TV-Y January 1, 2003 45 minutes
Elmo, Telly, and Big Bird talk about fear, loss, bullying, and differences. Their experiences can help families express their feelings. Presented by Sesame Street.

6. When Families Grieve: Elmo's Uncle Jack CC TV-Y April 15, 2010 28 minutes
Elmo and his family remember Uncle Jack.

You can also buy the Learn Along with Sesame Season 1 for FREE as well!  This series contains 10 different episodes.  You will receive all 10 as part of your purchase.

1. A is for Asthma CC TV-Y January 1, 1998 15 minutes
Elmo and Rosita learn what to do when their friend has trouble breathing. Presented by Sesame Street.

2. Get Healthy Now Show CC TV-Y January 1, 2007 24 minutes
The Sesame Street pals put on a show about healthy living. Presented by Sesame Street.

3. Happy; Healthy; Ready for School CC TV-Y January 1, 2004 18 minutes
Elmo gets ready for school. Presented by Sesame Street.

4. Happy Healthy Ready for School: Fun at Home CC TV-Y January 1, 2007 22 minutes
Sesame Street's Elmo and Abby discover they can learn anytime;anywhere. Presented by Sesame Street.

5. Lead Away CC TV-Y January 1, 1996 14 minutes
Oscar;Elmo and Rosita learn how to protect themselves from the dangers of lead. Presented by Sesame Street.

6. Let's Get Ready: Planning for Emergencies CC TV-Y January 1, 2008 16 minutes
Grover and Rosita show children and parents fun and easy ways to prepare for an emergency.

7. Music Works Wonders CC TV-Y January 1, 2001 22 minutes
Elmo discovers the joy of music. Presented by Sesame Street.

8. Math Is Everywhere CC TV-Y September 14, 2010 19 minutes
Math Is Everywhere introduces children to math skills for future school success.

9. Food For Thought CC TV-Y December 1, 2010 24 minutes
Helping families eat healthy on a budget.

10. For Me, For You, For Later CC TV-Y April 12, 2011 16 minutes
For Me, for You, for Later Full Special.

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