Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Minecraft Gift Ideas - Over 20 items your Minecrafter is sure to love!

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Got a Minecraft Fan in your household?!  Yeah, I have 2.  Here are some gift ideas for those that just love Minecraft, tried and tested by fellow Minecrafters.

Tube Heroes TDM Hero Pack (including Grimm!) - currently priced at $10.74 it is going for over $25 on Walmart.com!

Minecraft Card Game - currently priced at $7.99, we have had a LOT of fun playing this as a family!!  It's easy to learn, even if you don't play Minecraft moms & dads.  😉

Minecraft Periodic Table of Elements - each block represent some kind of element in the game.  Minecrafters can name every one of them.  😉

Minecraft Collectible Figures Set J (3-Pack), Series 3

Minecraft Mini Figure 3-Pack, Farming Steve, Spawning Spider & Slime Cubes, Series 4

Minecraft Animal Toy (6-Pack) - this farm animal set is super cute!  It was one of the first things my own Minecrafters ever owned.

Ultimate Minecraft Secrets: An Unofficial Guide to Minecraft Tips, Tricks and Hints You May Not Know

Minecraft Mini Figure Collector Case - perfect to fit all those minifigs in.

Minecraft Papercraft Animal Mobs Set (Over 30 Pieces) - great item for those that like to craft!  This high-quality thick cardstock really impressed me.  Assembly is required and part of the fun in this set.

Minecraft Think Geek Wall Torch by Think Geek

LEGO Minecraft The Ice Spikes 21131 Building Kit (454 Pieces)
LEGO Minecraft The Mushroom Island 21129 Building Kit (247 Pieces)


Minecraft Creeper Face Beanie

Minecraft Stop-Motion Animation Studio - I honestly don't understand what this does.  We own this but I have no clue.  It's highly rated though so be sure to read the reviews.

Minecraft Baby Sheep Plush - one of my kids favorite stuffies!

Royal Blue 25 Carat Acrylic Diamonds - 36 Acrylic Gems - Big Bling - we've used these for scavenger hunts and party favors at birthdays.  Kids love searching for "diamonds".

Minecraft Minecraft - Blacksmith Villager Action Figure

Minecraft Core Creeper Action Figure with Accessory


Minecraft Core Player Survival Pack Action Figure

Minecraft Alex Action Figure with Accessory - once we discovered that Alex is actually a girl my daughter was thrilled!!


Minecraft Diamond Steve Action Figure

Minecraft Iron Golem Action Figure


24 Inch Lumistick Light-up Diamond Pixel Sword - Blue

Minecraft Creeper Face Leather Wallet

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