Monday, May 15, 2017

To Deal or Not To Deal Giveaway: The LAST Eliminated Suitcases (and WINNERS ANNOUNCED)...

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...are #2 and #7.

And that makes the 6 winners who picked suitcase #30 as the last ones standing!!!  This means you each win a $5 Tops Markets or Wegmans gift card - your choice!  I will also be sending you a reusable WNY Deals Grocery Tote (it's kinda like a pink suitcase, lol!).

Suitcase #30 (6 picks)
Cindy Weinstein
Jen Callahan
Michelle Franks
Crystal Doyle
Jolene Wilson
Tina Musselman

Congrats to our winners this year and thank you all for playing along! I will be mailing out your prizes within the next week or two.

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  1. Gosh! I so called it! I had an urge to pick 30, but talked myself out of it!!!

    1. I know. :-( They say to go with your gut, but not really sure who they are. LOL Sorry you talked yourself out of it!


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