Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Bush's Baked Beans: RECALL on select products

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Select Bush's Baked Beans have been recalled.  The company said the recall is due to some cans having defective side seams, which may affect can integrity allowing for harmful bacteria to grow inside the product.

If the Best By date reads “Jun 2019”, check the Lot Code on the bottom of the can. Only the following Lot Codes are affected:

• 28 ounce Brown Sugar Hickory Baked Beans lot codes
o 6097S GF
o 6097P GF

• 28 ounce Country Style Baked Beans lot codes
o 6077S RR
o 6077P RR
o 6087S RR
o 6087P RR

• 28 ounce Original Baked Beans lot codes
o 6057S LC
o 6057P LC

For further info on this recall, please read this notice from their website.

(Thanks Crystal!)

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