Thursday, July 06, 2017

Sandra Boynton: Kids Books set to really great music (that moms & dads can enjoy too!)

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When I was pregnant with my first child I received a gift set of Sandra Boynton books and after reading through all of them I really did not care for her style.  Then a couple of years later her books that are set to music were highly raved about by another mom.  She persuaded me enough to try out the Philadelphia Chickens book & CD set.  Not only did my toddler enjoy the music but I did too (these were the only "kid" CDs my hubby could even bring himself to listen to!)!

I love that the CD comes with a book because your child can follow along with the songs and that encourages reading, which I'm all for!  I still remember my kids following the songs in the book when they were little and enjoying the illustrations along with the words.

Blue Moo is probably our favorite.  It's like the jukebox music of the 50s. 

Philadelphia Chickens was our favorite until we listened to Blue Moo.  It still is a really great CD and so maybe I'll say this one is tied for 1st on our list!  :-)

I didn't think I would enjoy Rhinoceros Tap because it is a jazzy, tap sort of style but it is really great!

Finally, Dog Train is probably my least favorite but it is still fun to listen too (just not my favorite type of music).  It has a Classic Rock feel from the 70s, 80s, and 90s and this CD even features famous artists including Hootie (& maybe the Blowfish?!), Kate Winslet, Blues Traveler, and more.

NEW!  I have not owned these editions but they are all highly rated as well.

If you like country music, try Frog Trouble: . . . And Eleven Other Pretty Serious Songs.

Enjoy Gregorian chant? Listen to Boynton's spin on the trend with Grunt: Pigorian Chant from Snouto Domoinko de Silo.

And now she has a DVD out with singing sock puppets in One Shoe Blues.

Have you ever heard or own one of these CD/Book Sets?  I'd love to hear what you think about them!

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