Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Amazon FAVE Under FIVE (Items $5 or less shipped!)

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Here is another round-up of good deals I spotted on Amazon for $5 or less, shipped!  Keep in mind that prices can change at any time so they may differ from what is reflected in this post at the time of your viewing. Also note that most of these items are coming from overseas and shipping can take 4 to 6 weeks so plan accordingly.  Usually there are a variety of third party sellers offering these items, so be sure to double check the seller rating before purchasing.  I have purchased, received, and reviewed each of these items before I promoted them on my site.

Butterfly Pattern Welcome to Our Home Vinyl Wall Decal - priced $2.25 shipped free

Rose Gold Butterfly Pendant Sweater Necklace - priced $2.27 shipped free

Black Butterfly Removable 3D Wall Decals (Black) - priced $1.58 shipped free

3D Yellow Butterfly Wall Decals, 12 pieces - priced $1.30 shipped FREE

Dance or Gymnastic Twirl Ribbon - various colors available, priced $1.52 shipped FREE

2 Cute Alpaca Soft Stuffed Plush Animals - currently priced $8.50 for set of 2

Vintage Colorful Crystal Peacock Hair Clip - currently priced $3.59 shipped free

Women's Crochet Long Fingerless Gloves with Thumb Hole - priced at $1.98 shipped free

2 way Dotting Marbleizing Tools (5 pcs) + Nail Art Brushes (15 pcs) + Nail Striping Tape (10 pcs) - priced at $3.14 shipped free for the whole set!

Silicone Snail Silicone Tea Bag Holders, 5 pcs - priced $1.55 for all 5 pieces shipped free

Non-Stick Silicone Piggy Chocolate Mold - priced at $2.20 shipped free

CLICK HERE to see more favorite deals under five dollars shipped!

Note Amazon prices can change anytime and may differ at the time of your viewing.

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