Monday, October 02, 2017

CatalinaTops Markets: Current/Possible Catalina Checkout Coupon Offers October 2017

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If you aren't familiar with Catalina Checkout coupons, they print from small gray machines located near the cash registers.  Catalina offers require that a certain dollar amount or quantity is purchased by the customer.  After this requirement is made, a coupon will print for a certain dollar off the next time you shop in the store that issued the Catalina.  Usually these coupons can be used on almost anything (except items prohibited by law like cigarettes, alcohol, etc.).  Sometimes Catalina coupons will also print out for savings on a particular product.  These coupons are usually manufacturers' coupons, are to be used on the product stated, and never double.  As far as I know they also should be redeemed at the store in which they were issued.

Here are the current Catalina Coupons that I know of to be working at Tops Markets.  I have also listed the National offers that could be working at Tops Markets.  These offers are not yet confirmed, so if you do happen to get the Catalina coupon at checkout on one of those offers please let us know so I can update the post!

NOTE:  If your Catalina does not print from a store known to be running a particular offer, contact Catalina Marketing at 1-888-826-8766 or through this form here and they can mail it to you once they verify the sale.

These Catalina offers are currently being run at Tops Markets per their website here.  I have added the tiered values that I am aware of as well.


Aveeno Brand Products, excluding Single Bar, Trial or 2.5 oz lotions
10/02 - 10/29/17
Buy 2, Receive $2.50 off your next shopping order

Carnation Breakfasts, excluding 8 oz. singles
10/02 - 10/29/17
Buy 2, Receive $1.00 off your next shopping order

Nexxus Products
10/02 - 10/29/17
Buy 2, Receive $4.00 off your next shopping order

PowerBar Products
10/02 - 10/29/17
Buy 6, Receive $1.00 off your next shopping order

These Catalina offers are currently being run at Tops Markets per printed coupon alert from the Catalina machine, as tagged in store, or as reported by another customer.


Huggies Diapers, Wipes, Pull-ups, or Goodnites Underwear
10/01 - 10/29/17
Spend $30 or more, Receive $10.00
working at Rite Aid too

Kimberly-Clark Participating Products (includes Cottonelle, Kleenex, Scott, and Viva)
Spend $20 or more get $5.00

These are other Catalina offers that have not yet been verified if they are working at Tops Markets.  If you find out that one of these do indeed work at Tops, please let me know so I can update this post!


Let us know if you come across another Catalina offer that isn't listed here!

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