Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pure Silk Shaving Cream: What to-do with it (aside from shaving of course!)

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If you stocked up with the Pure Silk deal I previously mentioned here, I have some suggestions for parents of younger kids on how to make use of it, other than shaving of course!

My kids love to "paint" in the bathtub with the shaving cream.  I spray some globs of it or draw a picture (like the heart you see here) and then they use paintbrushes & sponges to smear it all over my tub and their bodies (just warn them about not getting it in the eyes or mouth!).  Sounds messy, huh?  It is, but loads of fun for them and the perk for me is that once they are done my tub gets a good washdown!

 Another thing we tried yesterday was making a picture with it.  I used a piece of felt as our "water", then squirted shaving cream all over it so they could press stickers & foam pieces into the shaving cream.  We did a similar craft at the Science Museum, however, it appears that throughout the day the shaving cream we used on this felt craft disintegrated.  Not sure if it was the felt that did this to the shaving cream (the Museum craft was done on construction paper).  We'll have to experiment some more!

 It did come out really pretty, especially with the glitter touch!

Other ideas I had were to squirt the shaving cream in a sand table or water table for a different twist.  You could even hide little gems in the shaving cream and have the kids dig for treasures.  Or maybe you could draw a hopscotch board on the driveway made of shaving cream!  Any hopper that gets shaving cream on them, loses! 

Do you have any other ideas on how to make use of the shaving cream stockpile?!

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