Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Last Day of the Month and I earned almost $200 in cash back for January

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Well it is the end of the month!  Can't believe it is almost February already.  As a reminder, be sure to grab your coupon prints here as we will be seeing a whole new set tomorrow!

Also I requested all of my cash earnings earlier today from the savings apps & websites I use most frequently.  It totaled almost $200 for the month of January.

I saved even more with coupons but not nearly what I used to. I've gotten so behind on keeping my coupons organized so I'm currently working on that.  If you would like to earn cash back from any of these programs check out these links:

Checkout 51
Chase Freedom Card

How did you do for the month of January?


  1. I've never thought to add all my different money back/rewards programs up for the month! Here's how mine stack up :)

    $21.31 Chase Freedom
    $5.33 Bank of America Credit Card
    $37.88 Citizen's Bank Credit Card
    $.70 Citi Credit Card
    $4.93 Savingstar
    $1.50 Checkout 51
    $4.50 Ibotta

    Plus 190 Swagbucks, 228 MyPoints, 1,228 Achievement points, and at least 10,000 Bing points!

    (Yes, I know it's kinda crazy to have as many credit cards as I do, but I use whatever has the best 5% cashback categories!)(And if anyone wears a FitBit and doesn't have an Achievement account...

    1. Hey, every little bit helps! Great job on the savings!


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