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Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Most Comfy Pajama Lounge Pants Ever!

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I had ordered a pair of these Women's Stretch Cotton Knit Pajama Pants back in December on a Lightning special.  It was on a whim and I thought I would get a pair but after I purchased them I planned to give them away or even return them.  I seem to never be able to justify a purchase for myself, even darn pajama pants that cost less than $12! Anyhow, one day I figured I would try them on and I am SO glad I did.  They really are the most comfy lounge pants I've ever had!  I'm only 5 feet tall too and they are a bit long but since I'm using them for around the house it doesn't bother me at all.

CLICK HERE if interested in checking them out.  They are highly rated by over 800 people and come in a variety of colors.  Prices start at $11.99.

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