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Monday, February 19, 2018

𝝅 Pi Day 𝝅 : Funny Math Tee Shirts (Celebrate 3/14 in style!)

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Well, it's just about 3.14 weeks until the official day of Pi (celebrated 3/14 every year by math nerds like me!).  I recently came across a funny shirt for Pi day, so I decided to make a post featuring my favorite!

Get Real Be Rational Pi Adult Novelty Funny T Shirt

Captain Pi Superhero Shield T Shirt

My Password Is The Last 8 Digits of Pi Funny T-Shirt

I ate some pie (i 8 Sum Pi) Math Equation Men's T-shirt

Love Is Like Pi Never Ending Math Pi day T-Shirt

Hanes Men's Mmmm....Pi Funny T-Shirt

Pi Day Funny Pie Style T-Shirt

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