Monday, March 19, 2018

Kellogg's Family Rewards: How To Add Your KFR Codes via your mobile device (super easy!!) + new 50 point code!

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Did you know you can EASILY text in KFR bonus codes right from your mobile device?  A reader shared this in my Facebook group and I didn't try it up until recently.  My phone number was not attached to my account, so I just kept forgetting to update it.  I frequently forget my darn KFR password so this is a great & quick way for me to get points added to my account!

Try it out with this new 50 point code!  Simply text Luckykfrbonuspts (don't worry about capitalization) to 89332.  If your mobile device is connected to your KFR account you will receive a message that 50 points have been added to your account! If you receive a message that your number is not linked with a KFR account, go here to verify that you have your mobile number listed in your account.

If you would rather just enter it directly to your account here:


Keep in mind that you must have activity in your account at least once every 90 days or you will loose your points.

(Thanks JoAnne!)


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    1. Oops - sorry about that Mary! The correct code is LUCKYKFRBONUSPTS.


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