Sunday, March 11, 2018

Tops Monopoly Rare Game Pieces 2018

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If you have one of these rare or semi-rare pieces on your Tops Markets Monopoly Game board, there is an even greater chance of you winning that prize! For official rules & odds of winning, click here. For answers to the frequently asked questions, click here.

$250,000 Home Sweet Smart Home

2 chances to win
Common Pieces: 402B, 403C, 404D, 406F
Rare Pieces: 401A, 405E

$100,000 His & Hers Performance Cars

4 chances to win
Common Pieces: 407A, 409C, 410D, 412F
Rare Pieces: 408B, 411E

$50,000 Rockstar Backyard

4 chances to win
Common Pieces: 413A, 414B, 416D
Rare Pieces: 415C, 417E

$35,000 Tech Toy Chest

6 chances to win
Common Pieces: 419B, 421D, 422E
Rare Pieces: 418A, 420C

$25,000 Tuition Jackpot

6 chances to win
Common Pieces: 423A, 424B, 427E
Rare Pieces: 425C, 426D

$5 Tops Gift Card

5,000 prizes available
Common Pieces: 428A, 429B, 430C
Rare Piece: 431D

$10 Tops Gift Card

2,500 prizes available
Common Pieces: 432A, 434C, 435D
Rare Piece: 433B

$25 Dinner on us

1,000 prizes available
Common Pieces: 436A, 437B, 439D
Rare Piece: 438C

$40 Tops Fuel Fill Up

600 prizes available
Common Pieces: 440A, 442C, 443D
Rare Piece: 441B

$100 Tops Photo Cake Party Pack

100 prizes available
Common Pieces: 445B, 446C, 447D
Rare Piece: 444A

$3,000 Smart TV & Entertainment Center

10 prizes available
Common Pieces: 448A, 450C, 452E
Rare Pieces: 449B, 451D

$2,500 Peloton Exercise Bike

12 prizes available
Common Pieces: 453A, 456D, 457E
Rare Pieces: 454B, 455C

$150 in Your Choice of Gift Cards

70 prizes available
Common Pieces: 458A, 459B, 460C
Rare Piece: 461D

$250 Furbo Dog Camera

50 prizes available
Common Pieces: 463B, 464C, 465D
Rare Piece: 462A

$400 Smart Watch

40 prizes available
Common Pieces: 466A, 467B, 468C
Rare Piece: 469D

$1,000 Smart Home System

30 prizes available
Common Pieces: 471B, 472C, 473D
Rare Piece: 470A, 474E

$2,000 in FREE Gas for a Year

20 prizes available
Common Pieces: 476B, 477C, 478D
Rare Piece: 475A, 479E

$5,000 in FREE Food for a Year

10 prizes available
Common Pieces: 481B, 482C, 484E
Rare Pieces: 480A, 483D

$10,000 in Smart Kitchen Appliances

8 prizes available
Common Pieces: 485A, 488D, 489E
Rare Pieces: 486B, 487C

So do you have any of these rare pieces? What prize are you hoping to win?! I really want to win the FREE food for a year!!

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  1. This is what I think the rare pieces are. hope this helps
    401a 405 e

    408b 411e

    415c 417e

    418a 420 c

    425c 426d






    449b 451d

    454b 455c


    462 a


    470a 474e

    475a 479e

    480a 483d

    486b 487c

    1. Thank you so much Tasha! Looks like what I'm thinking are rares too. :-)

    2. I'm looking for 418, 420,433,462,441,447,486&487 can you help me find these?

    3. I have 487C.

    4. I have a 451D for the smart tv. Willing to trade or split

    5. I have 447

  2. Thanks for these. Of the ones where there are two rares, which are rare and which are semi-rare?

    1. You're very welcome! Unfortunately I do not know which the rare vs. semi-rare piece is. I'm assuming you have one or the other, so I wish you the best of luck in getting the second piece!

  3. hello I am looking for 444A,486B,487C, have many as well! can anyone help out will split!

  4. Anyone have 415C,I will trade or split.

  5. Hi, I have 426D anyone have 425C?

  6. Does anyone know if a similar blog for assocoates exists? The board and rare pieces are different.

    1. I have the rare vs common pieces here for the associates game.

  7. I have 487C. Is anyone interested in purchasing it?

  8. Need 415c, will buy it off anyone who has it

  9. Need 415c. Will pay for it.

  10. I need a 405E. Anyone who has it, I will buy or split.

  11. I need 775A from the associates game board. Anyone have it and want to split??

  12. I have 408 and 420. If anyone has 411 or 418 I will split

  13. Have 470 ($1000 smart home system). Anyone interested in splitting?


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