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Saturday, September 15, 2018

Coupon Bag Organizers: Less than $5.00 shipped (my method of coupon organization!)

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best coupon organizer

I often get asked how I organize my coupons.  For me I find it easiest to sort my coupons using envelopes organized by category and/or store.  I like the larger 6" x 9" envelopes because they are big enough to hold larger-sized coupons and it is much easier to scoop the savings in and out of the envelope as I need them.  For years I have used a purse organizer just like those shown above and just love it! I have mentioned this organizer on my blog often and have even given away a bunch to other couponers.

I really like this organizer for my coupons because:
  1. It's very inexpensive!  Currently most of these are priced under $5.00.
  2. They ship FREE with no additional purchase required!!!  So you can buy 1 for less than $5.00, that's it!  Note, this is being shipped from overseas so it will take 17 to 28 business days.
  3. The material is nice & sturdy and it is padded in parts too.
  4. It has pockets, pockets and more pockets!  Great to store scissors, your cell phone, Catalinas, rebates, business cards, loyalty cards, etc.
  5. It has 2 large zippered compartments!  I usually use these to store coupons I don't feel like sorting at the moment and/or putting the coupons I do plan to use at the store on my next shopping trip.
  6. It has 2 handles, perfect for toting around to the stores!
  7. It fits perfectly in the top part of most any shopping cart!
  8. It's inexpensive and ships FREE with no additional purchase!!!  Did I say that already?!
Here are some of the colors available if interested (note prices can change at anytime on Amazon so may differ):

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The vendors selling these bags often list other make-up carriers on the same Amazon listing so be sure you are purchasing the bags with gray trim and handles as shown in the picture below.

Click here to see my post where I show you exactly how I organize these bags with my coupons!


  1. I just ordered these! Great deal if you get 3, get 3 for $9.19 with free shipping!

    1. That is a great deal!! I love all the colors. :-)


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