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November 7, 2018

Tons of Puzzles Available at Dollar Tree (inexpensive gift idea!)

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Often when my sister comes into town to visit we will head over to the Dollar Tree and pick out a few puzzles to do while she is here.  The quality is decent and it is a fun activity for us to do with her while here.  One of my best memories with my sis was over one of these puzzles.  I can't explain it enough with words, you just had to be there.  We were literally laughing so hard our bellies hurt and tears flowed from our eyes.

So morale of the story...these puzzles can create fun memories with your family, friends, significant other and only cost a buck!!

Here are some that I recently found at Dollar Tree:

The 24 piece puzzles are perfect for younger kids, while the 60 and 100 pieces will challenge slightly older kids.

These cube puzzles would be fun stocking stuffers!

I don't seem to have gotten any pics with 500 pieces but I have gotten them before at Dollar Tree. The pieces are tiny and those puzzles are super challenging!

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