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April 29, 2019

Better Than Free Hair Accessories at Rite Aid after BonusCash

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This week at Rite Aid, you can earn $10 in wellness+ BonusCash when you buy 3 participating Conair or Scunci Hair Care Accessories.  Products included in this offer have to have a retail price of $4.29 and up.

Even better, a bunch of Conair and Scunci items are marked 50% off AND are giving the $10 BonusCash when you buy 3.  There is a limit of 2 offers per card.

Check out these clearance items I spotted at a local Rite Aid.  Keep in mind that the clearance price has to be $2.15 or more to qualify for the offer, as the regular retail price has to be $4.29 or more.

I did the following transaction:
Bought (2) items on clearance for $2.39 each - $4.78
Bought (1) item on clearance for $2.74
Paid $7.52 + tax
Received $10 in BonusCash

Tomorrow I'm hoping to grab another 3 items to max out the deal on my card. I think I should be able to use the $10 in BonusCash I earned today too.


  1. I purchased 3 clearance items on Sunday morning (all 4.29 and above) and did not get the $10. I returned the items.

    1. Hmmmm...strange. Maybe it wasn't working Sunday morning? I can confirm it is definitely working as of Tuesday night. I maxed out the offer of 2, doing the deal once on Monday and once on Tuesday.

    2. i didnt earn it either sunday when i had 4.29 item included. I contacted cs on mon and they credited me the bc. I have read that a lot of people have had success doing that. I finally read a post that it might be because this region is slighly higher priced on some items then what online has listed so the 4.29 iems here might be 3.99 lesewhere and therefore not included as part of the sale in the system. but since the ad states 4.29 or higher they are honoring it if call to get it added- just need to wait 24 hrs so they can see the transaction in their system.

    3. Ah! That's interesting about the prices possibly being $3.99 other places Nationwide. Thank you for the insight Rochelle! I wish deals were consistent everywhere but I guess that wouldn't do well for regional marketing efforts.


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