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May 20, 2019

2019 To Deal or Not To Deal: The Master List of Suitcase Picks

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The entry period to pick a winning suitcase in the To Deal or Not To Deal Giveaway is now over. There were 168 entries!!!

Starting Tuesday, May 21st, I will eliminate at least one suitcase every day until we have one remaining.  Everyone that picked this final suitcase will get their choice of a $5 Wegmans or Tops Markets Gift Card!!  Since you filled out your mailing address when you entered the giveaway, I will send all winners their gift cards at the conclusion of the eliminations.

Here is the master list of picks:

Suitcase #1 (1 pick)
Lindsay Vicaretto

Suitcase #2 (2 picks)
Rae Glaser
Pam Ramsden

Suitcase #3 (7 picks)
Stephanie Masiello
Carol Jackson
Lynn Sacco
Darla Kelly
Diane Quinn
JoAnne K-E
Melissa Darling

Suitcase #4 (9 picks)
Tina Faccini
Karen Roll
Denise Hotelling
Jennifer Callahan
Dawn Mamon
Margo Smith
Lea Ann Wilczak
Kathy Bristol
Jennifer Thomasulo

Suitcase #5 (6 picks)
Cecilia Korovesi
Cheryl Meder
Patricia Howard
Kelly Pfarner
Christie Peterkin
Cheryl Brocksopp

Suitcase #6 (2 picks)
Carrie Fenger
Jennifer Brouillard

Suitcase #7 (6 picks)
Rita Gallagher
Jennifer Derycke
Darlene Ziobro
Mary Sue Budzich
Amanda Jenkins
Mary Laughlin

Suitcase #8 (4 picks)
Darryl Tardy
Lori Emborsky
Jackie Lannon
Lisa Hoyt

Suitcase #9 (7 picks)
Karen Hoyt
Jamie Gavin
Glenna Flannery
Amanda Daniel
Toni Boner
Diane Podosek
Sharon Vail

Suitcase #10 (4 picks)
Diane Riedel
Elma Werner
Angela Ballard
Sandra Hill

Suitcase #11 (6 picks)
Maria Cherneva
Heather Mandell
Kim Offhaus
Erica Reinard
Marie McConky
Melissa Mueller

Suitcase #12 (6 picks)
Jessica Bailey
Megan Lebeau
Cindy Struble
Andrea Brown
Sheli Weiglein
Ashley Mroz

Suitcase #13 (6 picks)
Christine Rogacki
Karol Rahr
Tammy Smelser
Al Hummer
Stephanie Stone
Julie Rinard

Suitcase #14 (8 picks)
Cindy Stover
Debbie Ruhland
Darylann Martinke
Tracy Klein
Beverly Koncikowski
Andrea Weiser
Roseann Kane
Sara Calabrese

Suitcase #15 (7 picks)
Kimber Kelley
Jamie Albano
Chandra Wingrove
Autumn Sullivan
Heather Raught
Karen Lake
Kelly Naab

Suitcase #16 (4 picks)
Stacy Beard
Julie Starkweather
Jennifer Eckborg
Lindsey Steinwandel

Suitcase #17 (15 picks)
Martin Bryniarski
Beth Guercio
Becky Klepfer
Cherie Cousins
Cathy Silva
Sara Eck
Robin Close
Joanne Forrester
Katie Corcoran
Michelle Courtney
Charlotte Kocsis
Robin Faltyn
Michele Janetzke
Sally Paradowski
Melissa Murdoch

Suitcase #18 (11 picks)
Sue Dunn
Kim Turner
Kristie Werth
Susan Haskins
Jessica Bellinger
Liz McCrossan
Lisa Brenon
Cathy Kurek
Chelsea Harmon
Cathy Weaver
Mary Hocutt

Suitcase #19 (8 picks)
Cheryl Stenger
Erica Marciano
Lisa Anderson
Tiffanny Mclaughlin
Virginia Crouch
Susan Hawker
Jen Gratien
Lynne Sherrick

Suitcase #20 (3 picks)
Becky Cole
Vivian Hill
Erica Wiseman

Suitcase #21 (3 picks)
Mary Martin
Jennifer Raymond
Danielle Ward

Suitcase #22 (8 picks)
Bunnie Long
Elizabeth Puls
Jennifer Doane
Gail Perona
Jessica Brehm
PB Spear
Tammy Hamilton
Sarah Trickey

Suitcase #23 (9 picks)
Janet Wakil
Kim Shelvay
Sharla Jarrell
Jennifer Swist
Cathy Nedell
Bridgette Frometa
Lisa Smith
Sandy Pearson
Diane Sidun

Suitcase #24 (3 picks)
Sandy Danielewicz
Leanne Sievers
Susan Coney

Suitcase #25 (1 picks)
Teresa Servos

Suitcase #26 (5 picks)
Janeen Wilder
Rebecca Slotnick
Courtney Suda
Nicki Boyle
Kim Schillace

Suitcase #27 (7 picks)
Stephanie Knapp
Maggie Augugliaro
Amanda Worthington
Jennifer DeGroat
Lauren Anger
Jennifer Budinget
Rochelle Denzler

Suitcase #28 (6 picks)
Christine Thompson
Francine Erb
Jill Capitumino
Abby Frain
Amy Rudnick
Anacel Kelsey

Suitcase #29 (4 picks)
Mike Leader
Gail Struzik
Donna Marshall
Carol Hamilton

Suitcase #30 (0 picks)

I have gone through all the entries and removed duplicates (including those living in the same house), so if you don't see your entry here it is because it was disqualified.  Per the original post, I am only allowing one guess per person/household/email/IP address to be fair to everyone.

Also I did a randomized list on (on 5/20) so I already have the eliminated suitcase determined for each day. This means I know what number is going to win as well. However...suspense is part of the fun in this giveaway!  So you'll just have to keep checking each day to see if you are still in it.  Good luck!!!

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