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May 21, 2019

Boxers or Briefs? Board Game Review

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Boxers or Briefs? by Hasbro - Ages 18 & up (Adult)

We have laughed so hard that it hurts while playing this game!  It is a lot of fun and an excellent party game.  Originally I had the first version of this game and one year it was selling easily for over $100 in used condition on eBay.  Yup, I sold it. While the cash was nice, I really regretted letting the game go.  Later Hasbro re-released the game and I happily repurchased it!  You really won't be sorry with this game.

  • Adult party game
  • Designed to make players laugh and reveal things about themselves
  • More than 2,000 unique and funny phrases
  • Easy to learn
  • For 4-10 players

HOW TO PLAY Boxers or Briefs? 

One player, acting as a "judge" for the current round, rolls a six-sided die that says "I am", "I like", "I want", etc. Next the judge draws the top card from the draw pile and reads the corresponding sentence that starts with the "I..." phrase they rolled.  All other players read through the cards in their hand and pick one of the "I..." phrases that they think best matches the judge. Once everyone has picked their favorite match and turned it in face down, the judge reads the answers aloud. The judge then chooses 2 players that gave the best answer; one receives a "funny" token and the other receives a "true" token.  Play then passes to the next player to be the judge for that round. The first player to collect 6 scoring tokens is the winner!

This is a very easy game to play and while it is suggested by the manufacturer for adults, the humor is not too crude to play with older kids.  We have played this with tweens and teens, giving them a special rule, where they could trade any card in their hand if it had a phrase on it that made them uncomfortable to play.

As long as the group doesn't take the game seriously, you can have a lot of laughs with them. Once while playing with 8 family members on New Years Eve, one of the cards given to me was "I am pleasantly plump".  I playfully acted offended and then picked that as the winner of the true token just so I could find out who gave me that card! It ended up being my aunt and we all laughed about it, including her teenage son. 😄 We played for hours that night and had one of the best New Years laughing at all of the crazy and funny answers!

As a side note, it doesn't matter if everyone knows one another or not.  Part of the fun is making stuff funny.  You can also customize the game to be shorter or longer, as we ended up doing on New Years.  I think we played until someone had 20 tokens! 🤣 Finally players can be added to the game at any point (just deal them in a hand) or drop out if they need to.

Head over to to check out more information!

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