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June 17, 2019

To Deal or Not To Deal Giveaway: The LAST Eliminated Suitcase (and WINNERS ANNOUNCED)...

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And that makes 6 winners who picked suitcase #5 as the last ones standing!!!  This means you each win a $5 Tops Markets or Wegmans gift card - your choice!

Suitcase #5 (6 picks)
Cecilia Korovesi - $5 Wegmans Gift Card
Cheryl Meder - $5 Wegmans Gift Card
Patricia Howard - $5 Tops Markets Gift Card
Kelly Pfarner - $5 Tops Markets Gift Card
Christie Peterkin - $5 Tops Markets Gift Card
Cheryl Brocksopp - $5 Tops Markets Gift Card

Congrats to our winners this year and thank you all for playing along! I will be mailing out your prizes within the next week or two.  More giveaways will be happening soon, so stay-tuned!


  1. Christie Peterkin6/17/19, 4:32 PM

    Yay!!!! Every year I would always say "I'm still in it" and then my number would lose so I decided this year to not say it and now my number won! Thank you so much!!!!

    1. Oh yeah, I remember! I wish I could give out more - it makes me happy to do giveaways and I'm glad to still have readers that enjoy the games I do on the blog, even if the prizes are small. Thank you so much for following my page for as long as you have! I appreciate it! 💗


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