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June 24, 2019

Win My Dollar Tree Shopping Haul! Giveaway

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This past weekend I found a number of items at my local Dollar Tree that I thought were really awesome and very much worth a buck! I thought it would be fun to showcase my finds here on the blog, then host a giveaway to one lucky winner, where he/she will win my shopping haul from the day!  So here are the items highlighted from my shopping haul at Dollar Tree on Saturday, June 22, 2019.  Please keep in mind that you may or may not find the same items at your closest location, as items vary from store to store.

Mini binders are great to organize your calendar, write down things to-do, keep lists, and more! This pineapple design was too hard to resist, so I grabbed the last one on the shelf.  It will be included in the giveaway.

In addition to the pineapple mini binder, I am including a set of each of these for the giveaway, that fit perfectly inside the mini binder - 30 Monthly planner sheets, Internet Passwords Pad 50 sheets, Make Today Count To-Do List 50 sheets, Pocket Dividers 2 pack, Tab Dividers 3 pack, and Just a Note Pages 30 sheets.

There were a few different colors of these sequin pencil pouches.  I love how the turquoise one gives it a mermaid sort of look.  🐟  I planned to see if these pencil pouches fit inside the mini binders while I was in store, but I completely forgot until now.  Sadly these do not fit in the mini binders but would be a perfect pouch to use in a regular 3 ring binder.  I am only including the turquoise sequin pouch in this giveaway as I am planning to use the black one for school.

Next item included in the giveaway is this set of 10 colorful fashion ballpoint pens.  You will receive 2 of each color and these write so nice!  My daughter even uses our set to color in her artwork.  The neon colors are very vibrant too.

I am also including ONE (1) feather pen (I'm keeping one myself as this writes very nicely too!), the squishy donut pen (I love the squishy feel!) and a pom pom pen. Fun!

While waiting at checkout I spotted this adorable set of mermaid nail clippers.  The organizer I found in the hair and clothing accessories aisle.  In this particular store, they had a few different organizer designs and they were on the very bottom shelf.  There were a ton so not sure if they are in an easy to miss spot or if they just restocked.  This little container will hold lipsticks, mermaid nail clippers 😉, and other cosmetics.


These hair clips and ties are not only fashionable and cute, but they are by Remington.  So for a dollar I thought these were a definite good buy.  The giveaway includes the ladybug clips set of 2, butterfly clips set of 2, the anywear ribbon ponytail holders set of 4 and leather bow clips set of 2.  The anywear beaded hair elastics set of 4 are not included in the giveaway so are shown here just for reference.  My daughter wants to keep those. 😊


Next I spotted this magnetic pocket with window in the teacher's section of the store.  I wished that I had this when my kids were younger, as they loved to play with magnets on my fridge.  We always had the refrigerator covered in their magnets and I think this organizer will be a great way for them to be stored when not being played with.  This is included in the giveaway.


I spotted a nice, simple silver colored napkin holder. This will be included in the giveaway.  The winner can of course use it to hold napkins but another idea is to use it as a holder for schoolwork, folders, mail, or bills to pay.  You can keep it on the counter or a desk to organize these items.


The winner of the giveaway will also receive this black wire Jot organizer that would be perfect organizing paper clips, sticky pads, and other office items on your desk or screws, nails, twist ties and other loose ends in your junk drawer.

These self adhesive hooks hold up to 2 pounds and are a great way to organize so many things.  Use them in a hallways to hang keys or swim googles, in the kitchen to hang pot holders or towels, in your bedroom to hang necklaces or small purses, or in the bathroom to hold a pouf or robe.

I'm planning to buy a set of these myself to use around our home.  One blogger mentioned that you can use them on the sides of your garbage can to loop the trash bag in so it never falls inside the bin. I thought this was a genius idea! Simply wipe the sides of the garbage can to ensure a strong hold, peel self adhesive backing and hang the hook upside-down while aligning the trash bag loop.  Repeat on the opposite side and voila! No more garbage bag falling inside.

This flamingo tape dispenser is so stinking cute! I would keep this for myself but I'm trying to remember the giveaway (and that I don't need yet another tape dispenser).

Dollar Tree has been getting more and more cute tote bags in.  I'm loving all the different designs and themes.  The classic Walt Disney Mickey Mouse bag is harder to find, at least in my area stores, and I'm planning to hang onto this one.  I'm also going to give a friend the pineapple bag that says "Stand Tall Be Sweet".  The winner of the giveaway will receive the other 2 tote bags - the hard to find Betty Boop linen-like bag and the blue striped flamingo bag.  These are perfect to carry items and snacks with you to the beach, amusement park, playground, or while visiting family (kids love to have their own bags to pack with their items!).

And that's it!  As a recap, the winner of this giveaway will receive all of the following:

  1. Pineapple mini binder
  2. 30 Monthly planner sheets
  3. Internet Passwords Pad 50 sheets
  4. Make Today Count To-Do List 50 sheets
  5. Pocket Dividers 2 pack
  6. Tab Dividers 3 pack
  7. Just a Note Pages 30 sheets
  8. Turquoise Sequin Pencil Pouch for regular 3-ring binder
  9. Smooth Fashion Ballpoint Ink Pens, 10 pack
  10. Squishy Donut Pen
  11. Metallic Feather Pen
  12. Pom Pom Pen
  13. Mermaid Nail Clippers 2 pack
  14. Acrylic Cosmetic Organizer
  15. Remington Ladybug Clips 2 pack
  16. Remington Butterfly Clips 2 pack
  17. Remington Leather Bow Clips 2 pack
  18. Remington Hair Elastics 4 pack
  19. Magnetic Pocket Pouch with Window
  20. Silver Napkin Holder
  21. Black Wire Jot Organizer
  22. Self Adhesive Hooks 5 pack
  23. Flamingo Tape Dispenser
  24. Betty Boop linen-like tote bag
  25. Blue Stripe Flamingo tote bag

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  1. Margo Smith6/25/19, 8:13 AM

    Thanks so much for all you do 💜. Such an amazing giveaway 💜

  2. the pom pom pens are so cute

  3. I'd be excited to give DD#1 the pineapple binder, and DD#2 the flamingo tape dispenser, but I think I'd HAVE to keep the magnetic pocket!

  4. You work so hard to make this fun for us!

  5. I love your much fun!

  6. I like the tote bags. Thanks for the opportunity.

  7. the mini pineapple binder is my fave of this haul.

  8. The simple silver colored napkin holder.

  9. I would have to say the assorted color pens.

  10. I love the classic Walt Disney Mickey Mouse bag how neat.


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