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July 13, 2019

What I Received In My Misfits Market Produce Box for the week of 7/8

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If you are receiving a box of produce this week from Misfits Market, here is a sample of what might be in your box.  Not sure what Misfits Market is?  Read this post for more information.

Sample produce week of 7/8:

•  Green bell peppers
•  Mini sweet pepper medley
•  Italian eggplant
•  Butternut squash
•  Golden and green zucchini squash
•  Yellow summer squash
•  Acorn squash
•  Green cabbage
•  Cucumbers
•  English cucumbers
•  Mini seedless cucumbers
•  Garlic scapes
•  Butterhead lettuce
•  Mixed heads of baby lettuce
•  Red and green leaf lettuce
•  Sunny Crunch greens
•  Red potatoes
•  Sweet potatoes
•  Russet potatoes
•  Grape tomatoes
•  Heirloom cherry tomatoes
•  Slicing tomatoes
•  Cluster tomatoes
•  Plum tomatoes
•  Baby bok choy
•  Green and rainbow Swiss chard
•  Tuscan/lacinato kale
•  Curly kale
•  Red kale
•  Globe artichokes
•  Spring onions
•  Celery hearts
•  Broccoli and broccoli ninos
•  Orange carrots
•  Red beets
•  English peas
•  Fava beans
•  Green beans
•  Snap peas
•  Red radishes
•  Yellow onions
•  Fennel
•  White mushrooms
•  Lemons
•  Limes
•  Red plums
•  Strawberries
•  Yellow nectarines
•  Ataulfo mangoes
•  Tommy Atkins mangoes
•  Apples (various)
•  Valencia oranges
•  Blueberries
•  Apricots
•  Grapefruit

I was super excited to receive so many bell peppers in my mix.  Two weeks ago when I received these peppers, I made a delicious homemade salsa.  I used the red, orange, yellow and green peppers, as well as diced fresh tomato and onion, then added a generous amount of McCormick Perfect Pinch Roasted Garlic & Bell Pepper.  It was so good!  I plan to make it again this week but hoping to add some cilantro this time.

Here are some more pictures of the produce I received on Wednesday.  I switched my delivery day to Wednesdays for the summer so that I could have fresh produce in the house mid-week instead of late in the week.

That swirly green whip looking thing in the center was really puzzling us, however, after a little bit of research we figured out it is Garlic scapes.  I have no idea what that is, but my husband said he read that they are supposed to be full of flavor so I'm excited to try it.

My husband has been loving the fennel (anise).  For those not familiar with it, the fennel is the green stalky plant with the real fine bristles and white core, shown on the left in the picture below.  We always have fresh anise for Easter brunch so I have had it before.  My husband likes to eat it raw, just like celery, after eating a meal.  He says it cleanses the palette. 🤭 I just enjoy cutting it up as it has a wonderful, sweet licorice scent!

We were so happy to get some fresh plums and celery stalks this time around too!

On  a side note, I did receive 2 tomatoes that had been split open and had mold on them.  Obviously this is not the "misfit" type of produce the company is in business to sell, so I contacted their customer service at contact@ (no space).  This is the third time I have had to contact them and each time they answered me quickly, politely, and to my complete satisfaction.  This time around the associate credited my account for $3.40 due to the rotten tomatoes. I really couldn't be happier with this company, so if you have yet to try them out, be sure you go through my referral link here to get a discount off your first order!

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