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Full Disclosure Policy - updated May 10, 2018

The main purpose of Deals & To-Dos is to help other locals to find ways to save & things to-do with their own families.  I share money-saving deals, ideas, printable coupons, reviews, things to-do and more and by doing so I hope to make it easier for you by combining these things in one go to place.  Most of the things I post on are deals or events that I myself am engaging in or would consider.  I do a lot of research beforehand and try very hard to make sure the deals and things to-do I post on are valid and authentic.  With that said, information is always changing so please use your own discretion before making a decision or taking any action based on the information in this blog. Content may be outdated, become obsolete or irrelevant at the time of your viewing and corrections, if made, are not always explicitly stated.   No compensation of any sort will be made if you ever happen to suffer a loss, inconvenience, or other damage due to the use of information contained on this blog.

Also I do, at times, use affiliate links and other forms of advertising that compensates me in some fashion (points, rewards, cash off, or monetarily).  I put a lot of effort and time into this blog and have a number of costs associated with running the page - site hosting, giveaways (many of which come from my own resources), mailing costs, and more.  Sometimes when you sign-up or purchase through the links or banners on the site, I am earning a small percentage from that transaction.  I also accept paid advertising on my blog's sidebar and use affiliate links on deal posts when they are available to me.  I do not post any content that someone else has paid me to post and all opinions expressed in this blog are purely my own.  On occasion I will accept opportunities to review a product or giveaway an item I in turn received free from a manufacturer.  However, accepting any opportunity as such does not alter my opinion or belief about that product or service.  My integrity is much more important to me than trying to make a quick buck and my first and foremost goal with this blog will always be to help you as well as my own family find great deals and fun events in the WNY area.

If you ever have any questions or concerns, please contact me.  I do my best to always be honest and forthright in what I share.  Keep in mind that I am not an "expert" in anything particular that I blog about and that all the views and opinions expressed are solely my own.  So please always read any fine print and use your own discretion when making a decision influenced by any content you view on this blog.

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