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This is the Deals & To-Dos Library!  It is where you can reference back to old posts I have made on this blog.  Note that some of the information you read in these posts may no longer be applicable when you read them, so keep that in mind.  If you'd like to bookmark this page for future reference click "Ctrl" (or "cmd" for Mac users) and the "D" key at the same time.

Clip Notes:  Learn About Couponing and Store Policies

Other Useful info on Couponing

Tops Markets:  Couponing

Rebate/Cash Back Programs:
  • Savingstar:  Read what it is and how to sign up
  • Ibotta:  Read what it is and how to sign up
  • Checkout 51:  Read what it is and how to sign up
  • Box Tops 4 Education:  Learn how to easily earn money for local schools!
  • Recyclebank:  Easily earn points for rewards and learn a thing or two about recycling!


  • Best Ever Homemade Play Dough - Click here for the recipe
  • Shrinky Dink Fun:  Click here for shrinky dink sets & ideas
  • Model Magic Fun:  Click here to see what we have crafted from Crayola Modeling Magic Compound
  • Shaving Cream Fun:  Click here for fun shaving cream ideas.
  • 100 Days of School:  Click here to see the shirt I made for my daughter's 100 days of school celebration.
  • Father's Day Gift Ideas:  Click here for a cute Father's Day gift for dads or grandpas.
  • Flour Fun:  Click here for ideas on what to do with flour (besides baking!)
  • Pom Bottle Ideas:  Click here for ideas on what to do with empty Pom Bottles.
  • Dying Easter Eggs:  Click here to see how to dye your Easter Eggs with Kool-Aid!
  • Bucket Ideas:  Click here to read all about our Summer Bucket!
  • Turkey Gloves:  Click here to see how we used those plastic gloves from the gas station and turned them into fun turkey puppets!
  • 25 Adorable Bug Craft Ideas:  Click here to get ideas of different bug crafts, perfect for Spring/Summer!
  • DIY Creative Themed Gift Baskets - use your deal finds to make creative, thoughtful gift baskets for your loved ones!


Parenting Tips:
  • Organizing Lunches & Snacks:  Click here to read some tips for organizing school lunches & snacks.
  • Helping Your Child with Grief:  Click here to read some tips on helping your child deal with grief.
  • 7 Tips For Dealing with an Angry Child:  Click here to read some tips on how to not get frustrated and instead how to handle when your child is angry.
  • Tips To Avoid Summer Boredom - Click here to see some tips on how to bust summer boredom.

My Reviews:
Note:  Prices, products or business may have changed since posting.

Other Articles:
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  • Walgreens Balance Rewards - Click here to see how to get the most from this loyalty program.
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  • What You Need To Know About Adult Coloring Books - Click here to read this article.


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  1. would you happen to have a list of your price points? If so, maybe add it to the library??

    1. I'm actually working on a price points list and once completed I will definitely add it to the library! :-)

  2. Elaine DePonceau4/29/14, 9:41 PM

    I was actually looking for a price point list just now. Glad to hear your working on one. I know with you doing it, it will be a real price point for our area!! Thanks for all you do!!

    1. Yes, I'm still working on it Elaine. Meat prices have really jumped, along with other groceries so I've got some adjusting to do. :-/ Soon though! :-)


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